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Beautiful Window Treatments That Only Look Expensive

Are you thinking of changing your outlook on the world with new window coverings but concerned about breaking the bank? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Whether you are thinking about fabric drapery or hard treatments like shutters and blinds, these tips can help you manage the cost of window treatments and help you stay on budget with an array of style design.

With the days growing longer and temperatures getting warmer, it’s the time of year to throw open the windows and let in the fresh air. And while enjoying that spring breeze, it’s fair to daydream about new window treatments.

Woods & Faux Woods

Premier Wood & Faux Wood blinds has colors, styles and design options that are current with today’s trends.

Decorative tapes, routless options and cordless lift systems are available. Multiple vane sizes as well valance styles available.

Honeycomb Shades

The Honeycomb shade collection provides the most popular neutrals and some dramatic bold colors providing energy efficiency and affordability. Available in both light filtering and room darkening. Our honeycomb shades are able to be operated by multiple lifting systems. From the popular cordless lift system to a sturdy clutch operating mechanism. The top-down bottom-up feature is available with a standard cord or a cordless lift system.

Natural Shades

Natural shades bring the beauty of natural fibers into a home to provide warmth and character. The Premier Natural Shade collection fabrics include grasses, paper, jute, flax, reeds, barks and bamboos. Choose from four roman shade styles - Traditional Flat, Contemporary Flat, Traditional Hobbled, and Contemporary Hobbled. Flat Roman shades can be lined with either semi-opaque or opaque lining, including duotone colors. Twill Banding or Fabric Banding options enhance the shade with a clean, crisp edge. Select one of four banding styles and twenty-seven banding colors. A multitude of options are available including Top Down/Bottom Up, Turned Headrail, Achieva Clutch and Multiple Shades on one headrail.

Roller Shades

The Premier Collection of Roller Shades consists of over 50 hand selected patterns and colors from whites, earth tones and beautiful grays. There is sure to be a pattern or color to complement your home. Materials come in all opacities: screen shades, translucent, privacy and blackout options. For versatility of coordinating looks in your home, there are a number of patterns that are available as a Premier Collection Vertical or Premier Collection Transitional Shades as well, allowing for whole home coordination. Lifting systems available: Clutch, EasyLift Cordless, Spring Cordless as well as a Luxe decorative clutch.

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