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Color Trends for 2015

Mother earth once again dominates the color trends for the year of 2015. This is very understandable as solace and peace are linked in so many ways. We embrace new growth but also are drawn to the beauty of deterioration and the colors it reveals.

Jack-O-Lantern, Remaining Embers, Pleasant Stream

Once again blue green is in the forecast in a brighter and deeper value that is the perfect companion for rusty reds and mid-tone oranges.

Calmness, Heather Hill, Velvet Down

Patina is the softening and burnishing of metals that add color as well as sheen to produce a mix of hues that fascinate and mesmerize our imaginations. Metals dominate the trends in many ways, from their original hues to those they become with time and erosion.

Southern Belle, Cloud Number Nine, Bridesmaid

Fashion and cosmetics are leaders in color forecasting due to the fact that those trends change quickly for these markets.

Many colors in the forecast are linked to fashion with soft pink, rich berry colors, and a brown influenced plum.

Chicago Skyline, Mother Nature, Frozen Stream

Blues and greens mingle to shape a feeling of calm and quiet retreat. Bamboo has been a popular material for many home products as it is a sustainable, ecofriendly material. But most people do not see this plant in its natural state, a soft combination of blues and greens cover its stalks.

Millionaire, Sun’s Rage, Golden Cadillac

Metals have grown in importance, especially the warm tones of copper and gold. It is not surprising that copper is popular since it is the complement to the blue greens that have been so popular for years. Metals will appear in unusual ways, as a finish on wood or over paint finishes. It is destined to be wall color that adds richness to many areas of the home.

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