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Caliente Colour of the Year 2018 from Benjamin Moore

A warm, enveloping hue and seductive tone, leading North American paint brand Benjamin Moore has revealed Caliente AF-290 as its highly anticipated Colour of the Year 2018. Unveiled alongside a corresponding palette consisting of 22 enlivening hues, this vibrant and charismatic shade of red is a bold yet soothing contemporary colour that oozes confidence. Following a year-long research journey taking inspiration from the arts, design, architecture, pop culture, fashion, home furnishings and more, the Benjamin Moore Colour & Design team discovered an emergence of red hues, embodying the change, strength, confidence and vitality that permeates cultural movements around the world.

Alongside the Colour of the Year, Benjamin Moore has also unveiled its 2018 Trends palette, a curated collection of 23 highly influential hues that enliven any room by adding depth and energy. The palette incorporates a full spectrum of reds, from hints of blush to deep oxbloods, while ensuring seamless pairings with a carefully selected range of whites, neutrals, and complementary bold hues.

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